New Year’s Resolution: My “Catch & Release” Method for Detoxing Negative Emotions 365 Days/Year

Happy New Year!  Clink-Clink to 2016!!

I know this is the time everyone wants to detox their bodies with healthy foods and exercise from all of the holiday cheer, and I certainly plan to do that, but I’m really focusing on an equally important version of detoxing.  It involves getting rid of the many negative emotions that crop up in our heads on a daily basis.  Then they usually set up camp in our bodies like some obnoxious over-stayed house guest, wreaking havoc on our physical health and well-being.  Not a lot of Bella Vita there!  I’ve come to learn from personal experience that suppressed negative emotions can damage health as much as, if not more than regularly eating crappy food and smoking a pack a day.

I’ve been reading a lot about how to handle negative emotions, and I’ve learned that they won’t go away until we face them head on and deal with them, thus my fabulously coined “Catch and Release” strategy:)  Usually, we just try to ignore bad thoughts and suppress them because they’re “bad” and we’re not supposed to have them or we just dwell and stew over them like a dog chasing his tail.  I’ve come to realize that “toxic” emotions are normal and can actually be good if we deal with them purposefully.  This is how I plan to do it:

  • If a negative/toxic emotion crops up, I don’t ignore it or suppress it.  I invite the sucker to the forefront of my mind and face it.  I fully experience the feeling in it’s entirety.
  • I then ask myself if I truly align with this feeling.  Examples of these feelings may include:  “I’m not likable”, “This is gonna be a shitty day”, “I don’t deserve to be happy/successful/in good shape and health” , “My dream of X will never happen” or “I am responsible for fixing this person’s situation”.  Usually I do not align with this feeling and/or I plan to take action about it.  Another example could be “I’m not happy with this situation” and instead of ignoring it because I “should” be happy with the situation, I may align with it and decide to take action to change the situation.
  • This causes the emotion to release and not bother me anymore.

Catch and Release

Another great way to release toxic emotions (and get a work out too!!) is YOGA.  When I do yoga on a regular basis, I can’t tell you how much it improves my stress level and well-being.  Problem is, I’m terrible about doing it regularly!  I’m sure all of you mothers (working or not) out there get what I’m talking about. The hip opener postures (asanas) are proven to release toxic emotions and I can physically feel them leaving my body when I do these.  Here is an example of one:


But honestly, I feel the release whenever I do any of the yoga postures where I get a very deep stretch.  I’m not going to set the New Year’s resolution bar too high and resolve to do yoga regularly, but I’m resolving to do it at least twice per week in addition to all of my other work out routines (I’m currently into Beachbody’s PiYo, Barre classes and walking).  My Catch and Release program, however, I plan to do every day.

May your 2016 be filled with peace, joy, fun, health, success and lots of Bella Vita moments! xoxo

Bella Bit (2)

I may as well throw out some suggestions for detoxing the liver being that we are all coming out of a month of holiday parties.  They say a clean liver is the foundation for good health, so two supplements I use are organic turmeric and Braggs organic apple cider vinegar.  I usually throw a teaspoon of organic turmeric in my morning smoothie and drink a huge glass of water with two tablespoons of Braggs apple cider vinegar.  Aside from the multitude of health benefits each supplement possesses (you should Google them!), they are known to be excellent for cleansing the liver:)  Happy detoxing!!


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