Coordinating The Pool Area-My “cheap and cheerful” redo

A little over a year ago, we sold our house and are now renting my husband’s family home. We moved in order to improve my husband’s long commute, and planned to buy this house right away, but got cold feet.  We decided to spend more time here to make sure this is where we truly want to settle, and if we do put down roots here, accepting the huge undertaking of remodeling and updating this house to our liking.  In the meantime, of course I have to add as much Bella Vita to my surroundings as I can!  We are coming close to making the decision to ultimately stay here or move on…I’ll keep you posted!

The outdoor pool area is my favorite part of living here; could it also be because summer is my favorite season?  It is such a beautiful, peaceful oasis; surrounded by pure greenery of nature, views, singing birds and a pool to enjoy.  The pool is surrounded by the original 1980s red patio-that’s a lot of red!  Keeping with the existing wrought iron and white outdoor furniture and umbrellas, I decided to go with a red, white and blue theme with a small pop of chartreuse-y green.  My potted plants are red and white and I picked up some outdoor pillows and seat cushions from Home Goods to continue on that theme.  I also bought outdoor dinnerware in this color scheme.  Additionally, I brought the blue theme into the changing room (still in the process of the pool changing room redo and will post on that later!)  Here is the look I pulled together with just a little effort and investment:

Thanks for stopping by!


Bella Bit (2)

Living the life of Riley!

Even my dog, Sammy enjoys floating around in the pool.  We take out his float, lay it on the ground and he hops on!


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