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Creating a Home Office with Good Work Vibes for Success

I had mentioned last summer that we were currently renting our home and deciding if we wanted to buy it.  So, after much thought and thoroughly weighing our options, we decided to buy the house! We closed around Thanksgiving last year and have been doing projects on our reproduction 1790 Saltbox colonial (AKA #Alisnewenglandhome) ever since (Yay! Ugh!).

One project that is in process right now is my home office.  I work from home so having a home office is essential for me.  This reproduction colonial obviously had no designated office so I snagged it from the dining room.  The intended dining room is 9’X12″- barely functional for a large get-together, so I figured it would make a perfect home office.   If you’re wondering where I relocated the dining room, stay tuned for another post on that!

Here are my guidelines for designing and creating Bella Vita in my home office and from my home office that anyone can utilize-whether it’s for a full-fledged office or just a work space in a portion of a room.

  • Create the feeling that you want to experience from your work-For me, I feel happiest and free-est when I’m on vacation at the ocean.  Isn’t that how we want our careers to make us feel-happy and free…most of the time? I incorporated a lot of coastal elements in my design; primarily, the grasscloth wall-covering in a beautiful sea green/blue (indicated on the design board below).  Because the room is so small, it felt OK to go darker on the walls and embrace the cozy size.
  • Incorporate symbols of past/future achievements-In the past, I had a HUGE fear of flying (I mean HUGE), but I stepped out of my comfort zone and took a 10 hour flight to Hawaii for my brother’s wedding.  Displaying my framed Hawaii photos reminds me of what great things can come out of taking risks and doing things that feel uncomfortable.  This also keeps with my coastal theme, obviously;)
  • Position the desk in a “power” position-This is usually facing the door.  This Feng Shui rule is based on the premise that you should be facing the energy that comes through the door.  Having your back to the energy that comes through the door puts you in a powerless position.
  • Keep the energy moving and flowing harmoniously-This is another Feng Shui principle that is very important.  You want to create positive energy as the foundation for career success.  Avoid too many sharp edges and smooth surfaces, which can cause energy to travel too fast.  You also don’t want the energy to move too slow.  Remove items that represent “stagnation” such as clutter, heavy drapes over windows (I incorporated light and airy window treatments as indicated on the design board) and too much furniture.
  • Incorporate positive elements that with help you reach your career goals-A huge element that anyone can use is plants.  Plants represent life and growth, a perfect match for our career intentions!

Below is the design board for my home office.  Once the room is complete, I’ll show you the finished product.

A (2)


Sources:  A-Thibaut grass cloth wall covering in Mineral; B-Couture desk chair with pleated slipcover-super white twill; C-Wayfair office credenza (no longer sold); D-Sheer Drapes; E-Antique upholstered chair; F-Burlap Drum Shade Ceiling Light

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 Do one thing every day that scares you”  Eleanor Roosevelt


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